Hi I'm Saarim.

I'm a product focused fullstack developer trying to build useful things over at mirror.xyz. We're making web3 publishing a thing and making web3 native tools accessible to as many writers, creators, and creative projects as possible.

In the past I've worked at Electric Objects, Betaworks, Kickstarter, and Gemini. Most recently I was the founding engineer at Otis.

I also have other interests and hobbies. I scored a video for a suicide prevention network that was aired on TV back home. I've done set design for live performances. I made a funny app once, and have occasionally DJ'd and made music. An electronic music blog called me the Bangladeshi artist to look out for in 2014 (lol). I'm also learning to play classical piano.

You can reach me by email saarimz@gmail.com

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram

You can also airdrop me tokens and NFTs at saarim.eth

📍 Los Angeles 📍 Brooklyn 📍 Dhaka